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The The StartUPiraeus Support Center was launched in 2021, as a local innovative action of Piraeus Blue Strategy 2018-2024. Gradually, it aims to set up an official institutional organization that offers consulting services for accelerating “Blue Innovation” in the city of Piraeus. It aims to inspire, empower, and support, firms, and in particular Startups and spinout companies to develop and scale-up game-changing innovations with an emphasis on the blue economy.

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The project “The StartUPiraeus Support Center” is an initiative of the Municipality of Piraeus in the framework of the Integrated Territorial Investment Strategy for Blue Growth and aims to promote the innovated entrepreneurship in the sectors of the Blue Economy.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme of Attica 2014-2020.


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StartUPiraeus Support Center


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Horizontal Business Support Services ( Startuppers and innovators)

StartUPiraeus Support Center supports your business development or your business ideas by offering to you free business tools and information such as:

  • Diagnosis of your business needs
  • Learn about Innovation and Blue Economy
  • Learn about the steps for establishing a firm
  • Find and learn from innovative practices and start-ups across EU and Greece in Blue Economy
  • Get informed about current networking and cooperative actions in the start-up innovative entrepreneurship
  • Access articles, studies and reports via our e-library on entrepreneurship, innovation and the Blue Economy
  • Register and attend free of charge online asynchronous courses on Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Time Management, Innovation and Blue Economy

Personalized Consulting Support for our beneficiaries

The project Actions for supporting Start-ups and innovation entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Piraeus provides FREE of charge consulting services i.e. coaching and mentoring support to selected start-ups or existing newly established small and medium enterprises. These services include:

  • Diagnosis of your company’s needs and benchmarking its innovation in the blue economy
  • Business Plan development/Business Plan development in sectors of the Blue Economy
  • Evaluation of your business plan and how you can improve it
  • Innovation Plan (what is it? How you can develop your innovation strategy and plan?)
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing Plan Analysis development
  • Cost Product/Services Analysis
  • Support Services for funding
  • Risk analysis
  • Quality plan
  • Digital Transformation Issues
  • Human resources management Plan
  • Decision-making Plan
  • Time Management Plan and services
  • Free of charge business financial analysis and plan for securing funding



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