Project objectives

The project entitled “Actions for supporting Start-ups and innovation entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Piraeus” is one action of the Piraeus “integrated territorial development strategy” funded by EU Structural funds. This innovative action offers a grid of activities that aim at empowering the start-up and innovation entrepreneurship in the locality!

This includes access to fast forward accelerator program for startups, a three-month innovation mentoring program for established SMEs, an incubator on supporting and hosting startups activities in the blue economy.

Ultimately, the project aims to develop an Innovation Hub in Piraeus, focusing on developing Research and Development in start-up entrepreneurship and thus promoting the city as a European /International center of innovative entrepreneurship with a particular focus on the blue sustainable economy.

The Objectives of this project are:


Free of charge consulting support of newly established businesses via a range of face-to-face consulting or e-mentoring services and free of charge horizontal access to a wide range of business tools, workshops, and educational seminars related to entrepreneurship, blue sustainable economy, and innovation.


Free consulting business support and hosting facilities to would-be entrepreneurs or business teams that experiment, develop or produce an innovative product/service and/or an innovative business process. The established incubator assists entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas, test the validity of their value proposition, and produce business and marketing plans.

In particular, the StartUPiraeus Support Center offers a range of actions, such as:


Free Provision of a Digitized Tool for assessing needs (e-diagnosis tool), opportunities, and challenges of the entrepreneurial activity and, at the same time, access to free business tools and information for all registered users.


Personalized consulting services or e-mentoring services provided by the expert staff of coaches and mentors to the pre-selected companies and would-be -entrepreneurs, based on their actual needs as diagnosed by our e-diagnosis tool and their claims.


Consulting support on the financing and the networking of our beneficiaries (innovative existing enterprises and start-ups), with funding organizations.

Free of charge validation of your business idea and its appeal for any potential investors. On the same ground, expert staff will offer free support in applying for funding or consulting relevant to the potential leverage of financial resources.


Participation in business trips abroad for a limited number of beneficiaries visiting other incubators or accelerators’ facilities for increasing synergies and networking with the international investment/business community.


Setting up a co-working space offering free hosting services to a number of selected innovative start-ups.

The project “Actions for supporting Start-ups and innovation entrepreneurship in the Municipality of Piraeus” is an initiative of the Municipality of Piraeus within the framework of the Blue Growth Strategy and aims to promote start-up entrepreneurship in the sectors of the Blue Economy.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Attica Operational Programme 2014-2020.